Enjoying the present... with a nod to the past.

In Brenson's Kitchen

We value the opposite of progress when it comes to the hub of every household, the kitchen.

Namely, we encourage you to trade in some conveniences of today for the delights of yesterday.

Wooden serving ware that requires the satisfying task of handwashing. Coffee brewing methods that value delayed gratification. Storage that reminds you of Grandma’s kitchen, when cookie jars and breadboxes took up counter space. Not tablets and automatic espresso machines.

We bring you aesthetically pleasing and functional kitchenware, decor and accessories. So, shop around to discover products that we feel strongly about – maybe it’s their background story, their product’s utility,  or their company’s mission. Maybe we just really dig the look or feel of their items.

Shop for vintage, industrial-inspired elements of a kitchen that are stunning to look at and inspire a gentler tempo.

Above all, cherish the fellowship, conversations and restorative time that can be had in a kitchen space.

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Brenson's Kitchen Scrubbing System

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Always introducing new kitchenware! We scour the marketplace procuring products whose stories are strong, commitment to quality steadfast and feel or function nostalgic in nature. Moreover, we wish to inspire you to trade items that encourage a rushed lifestyle for those that instead foster a slower rhythm in the hub of the home, the kitchen.