Time in the Kitchen

Time in the Kitchen

Here at Brenson’s Kitchen we have a team that have always had a soft spot for the things of yesteryear. Advancements and technologies have their place, but there is something special about cooking a meal that takes a smidge more time, a tad more love and a dash more thought. We value our time in the kitchen and the opportunity to slow our pace. When you decelerate your speed, there’s time for appreciation for what you’re eating. A gratitude for the time with your family sets in. There is a warm fuzzy feeling of using a mixer that reminds you of your grandmothers. Or cooking a steak on a cast iron like your grandfather taught you.

The sights, sounds and even smells of a simpler kitchen can be extremely healing. Our modern world where everything is done quicker and in disposable containers simply isn’t what’s best for us. You value a warm cup of coffee so much more when you manually perform the slow pour; stew will always taste better from a Dutch oven. It’s just a fact. Time in the kitchen and how it is spent matters. We’re all in such a hurry, and modern kitchen conveniences only encourage the rush. What’s convenient about feeling stressed and irritable all day?

Slow your roll; spend more time in the kitchen and see for yourself that you still have time for all the things that matter, and in fact, you accomplish them in a much more relaxed state of mind.

Take your time in the kitchen. Serve salad in a wooden bowl that you must hand wash and dry afterwards and see for yourself that it feels better than dumping salad straight from a plastic bag to a Styrofoam bowl.

Where to Start?

Do you like this idea of slowing down your rhythm in the kitchen? Are you asking yourself where to start? Begin with just one thing. Unplug the Keurig and put it away for a bit. Invest, instead, in a pour over coffee station and take a moment to enjoy the cup you literally had a hand in making. Wrap your hands completely around your warm mug and smell and sip your coffee while thinking about something small you’re grateful for. Compare this to how you feel rushing out with your to go coffee that was brewed in an automatic machine.

 If coffee isn’t your thing, try cooking even a few meals a week in a cast iron pan rather than a non-stick Teflon. The non-stick stuff makes food slip right off, sure, but it’s a slippery slope to more convenient things that are just bad for your health. Cast iron lasts forever, can be passed down, is great for your iron levels and can even be rewarding to clean and care for!

Maybe you came across Brenson’s Kitchen because you were strictly looking for the vintage and/or industrial look for a new farmhouse kitchen you’re designing. We’re glad you’re here and hope we’ve inspired you to not only decorate with vintage inspired kitchenware, but to incorporate it in your kitchen time, as well!