A Grate addition to Your Kitchen

Grated garlic not only tastes amazing, it has so many incredible health benefits. Some of these include reducing blood pressure, combating illness, detoxifying heavy metals and improving bone health.

One of the best ways to make grated garlic an easy addition to any dinner meal is to have it accessible at all times. The Grate Plate makes this so simple! This gorgeous, colorful plate looks beautiful left out on the counter at all times. When dinner rolls around, just use the rubber rolling device to quickly peel your garlic head then rub it quickly over the grate plate and just like that you have grated garlic to quickly add to any dinner!

a yellow plate meant to grate garlic
The Grate Plate

Eating more garlic is a wonderful new habit to create and a simple one to keep! Invest in The Grate Plate and invest in your health! This plate can also be used to grate hard cheeses, nutmeg and ginger!

Ginger has it’s own long list of health benefits! Ginger does so much, like keeping our mouth healthy, soothing sore muscles and calming nausea. Many customers purchase The Grate Plate with the intent of adding more garlic into their diet, and ultimately do the same with ginger!

Giving others a way to easily make healthy additions to their meals makes a great gift, as well!