A Better (un)Paper Towel

Here at Brenson’s Kitchen, our product procurement team is always on the lookout for companies that create high quality products that have a purpose. When that purpose serves the better good of the world, it’s a win-win. Enter these Marley Monster’s UNpaper Towels. This alternative to paper towels is the brainchild of a woman who was creating a rag doll for her unborn baby out of recycled fabrics. This inspired her to do more with less, making functional items without leaving such a big footprint on the earth!

We love these towels so much and back in our start up days (and still today!) they were one of our highest selling products!


These come beautifully wrapped around a reusable core. You simply wash and dry them (they become more absorbent and clingier with each wash!) and re-roll them onto the inner core. This task is one of those that we at Brenson’s Kitchen cling to (pun intended!). If you know anything about us, it’s that we love things that cause us to slow down and appreciate our time in the kitchen. Re-rolling our paper towel alternatives not only takes a few minutes, it is fun, relaxing and helps us appreciate the good we’re doing by not wasting all that paper with traditional disposable towels!

There are three prints to choose from: Surprise Prints are great for those with kids. These make chores like wiping down the counter or drying up spills fun for the kiddos because you never know what zany pattern you’ll get! They also make great alternatives to paper towels for a quick at-the-counter snack! The Deco Diamonds design looks stunning in a modern kitchen. And because of our soft spot for all things nostalgic, the Lemon Print is our favorite!