It’s time to Gather

We all know what a tumultuous couple of years it’s been. We also know how nice it’s been to be able to slowly and carefully get back together with one another. To gather. To be in the company of others and share stories and laughter all the while creating new memories.

At Brenson’s Kitchen we believe that happens no place better than it does your very own kitchen. Regardless of size, available seating or style, any kitchen can be the best place to get your friends and family around and enjoy your time together.

a sign that reads "gather"

That is why this rustic, farmhouse kitchen decor sign means an extra lot to us this year. It’s sweet and cute and looks great in any kitchen. But more than that it reminds us to not waste days. Don’t take a chance to get together for granted. Gather.

Put this farmhouse kitchen decor piece in the middle of your dining table and use it as reminder to get with those that matter most to you. Or maybe you can reach out to people in your neighborhood or community that are alone and could use a nice evening around some food and good conversation. You never know the ripple effect one nice invite could have on another’s life.